Molina yo soy pa ti

Molina yo soy pa ti

sarayma something special about you

All the suitcases, all the keys, the wallet, I lose everything, it’s a pending subject, I lose things and I can’t find them. I would love to be a little less messy. I would like it, but my mother would be fascinated.

They are the most sincere stories I have ever written. On a personal level I’ve evolved a lot and it reflects artistically. One day I sat down and said to myself: “I’m going to stop fooling around and being an idiot”. Sometimes I have a lot of fears and, besides, as I am a Libra I like everything, everything entertains me and everything poisons me. One day my friend Pedro Pimentel, my guitarist and producer of the album, told me that his life changed the day he accepted himself as he is. So I stood up and asked myself “What am I?” I am a mixture of everything I like, everything I have learned and I play the way I play, sing the way I sing and write the way I write. That’s how I got rid of labels and Molina and these ten stories came out. The most sincere ones sung in my own way, without worrying about anyone telling me: “This song has an air of…”. I don’t care, it came out of me that way for a reason and that’s how I’m going to share it with the rest of the world.

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ya no me muero por nadie

Diomedes Díaz Maestre[3] (San Juan del Cesar, May 26, 1957 – Valledupar, December 22, 2013) was a Colombian vallenato singer and songwriter.[4] He was widely known by his pseudonym “El Cacique de la Junta”, a name given to him by one of his musical colleagues in honor of the place where he was born.[5] A controversial and widely loved man, he referred to his followers as his “fanaticada” and his fans were known as “diomedistas”.[6] He was also known by his pseudonym “El Cacique de la Junta”.

A controversial and widely loved man, he referred to his followers as his “fanaticada” and his fans are known as “diomedistas.”[12] His personal life was marked by family instability, controversial friendships, ups and downs with alcohol and drug consumption, accidents; and financial and judicial messes widely reported in his country’s press.[13][14] His first love, Diomedes, was his first love.

Diomedes’ first love, a young woman named Helida, was the one who inspired him to compose his first songs.[15] Diomedes also tried his hand at singing, but as a way of mockery he was nicknamed “El chivato” because of his voice timbre at the time of puberty.[17][18] He also learned to play the guacharaca and to sing verses.[19] He also learned to play the guacharaca and to play the verses.[20] He was also a singer.

it’s what i like about you

Characterized by his high-pitched voice, used in ballads and rap, he employs reggaeton as his main musical genre, and also works with styles close to pop and as well as other urban genres such as trap.[11] He also works with other urban genres like trap.

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During 2013 he released songs such as “Parcerita bonita”, “El desquite”, “Pa’ que perren”, “Juegos de amor (Remix)”, “Que se prenda la disco”, “Diferentes poses”, among others. On the other hand, in 2014 he released “Mai que locura”, “Contigo tengo todo”, “Se toca todita”, “En otro mundo”, “Detras del mic “and more songs in order to be contacted by a talent scout.[33] In 2014 he signed a contract with the record label Golden Family Records, which allowed him to strengthen his musical career with the release of the single “Si no te quiere” with rapper D.OZi.[34][35]

After collaborating in “La ocasión” by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz in 2016, he gained greater recognition, as it became the first Latin trap single to achieve international success.[38][39] A few months later he also collaborated on the remix of the same.[40] He performed concerts in Europe[41] and several Latin American countries.[42]

love’s rapture

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