Frases picaras de doble sentido

Frases picaras de doble sentido

Double entendre phrases for bad thinkers

If you want to be funny and witty or just want to pull irony, we offer you a collection of phrases with double meaning. Share these phrases (the best we have found) with your Whatsapp contacts and social networks and make them smile.INDEX1. What is the double meaning?2. Messages with double senseWhat is double sense? First of all, double sense is a literary figure, although we often use it when we communicate. Briefly, the double meaning is a word or phrase that can be understood in two ways, with its literal meaning or with its implicit meaning, that is, the hidden message that can be interpreted or not. The clearest example of the use of double meaning can be found in jokes, or in poetry through the use of metaphors.

Double meaning jokes riddles

Ah irony, beautiful art, double meaning phrases that show intelligence and courage. Many people think that this type of phrase is typical of lazy people, but it is not so, the phrases with double meaning are the pinnacle of humor, although it is true that if they are of little humorous quality, they are regrettable. In this category we review dozens of phrases with double meaning, so that you can use them, share them or have a few laughs.

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The field of sex is fertile ground for double meaning phrases, what happens is that most are simple and easy, and are not funny, however there are others that are great, how to forget, for example, the joke of my tits. These are phrases with double meaning about sexuality, phrases that remind us how funny it can be to talk about sex from time to time from a humorous point of view.

Many times it does not take many words to say a phrase with double meaning or irony, with a short phrase we can make a play on words. On our website we have compiled dozens of phrases with double meaning that, in a few words, will make you laugh and amuse you.

Sexual double meaning messages

They stand out for their ingenuity, they play with words and ideas of double meaning and many trigger the imagination of the most ill-thought, generating great laughter among friends or even family. If you want to increase your repertoire, in unCOMO we offer you a selection of riddles to leave more than one thinking about the meaning, hidden or obvious, that they contain. Whether you are looking for riddles for adults rude and funny as if you want sex jokes to make your loved ones laugh, do not miss the riddles for adults spicy that we propose below. Who are you going to test?

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The repertoire of jokes and rude riddles, before which it can be very difficult to contain laughter, is extensive. And it is that the double meaning and that spicy touch in which sexual relations are often the protagonists give rise to funny misunderstandings. Jokes and riddles can be infallible formulas to put a touch of humor in any situation, so here are some examples that we have compiled for you to laugh for a while or make others laugh at the right time.If you like these spicy riddles for adults, you may also want to take a look at these Spicy drinking games, perfect for playing with friends!

Kinky double entendre poems

Irony is one of the most difficult word arts to know how to use. The phrases with double sense are one of its most perfect manifestations, these are phrases that express with intelligence and very few words, deep and different thoughts. There are many types of phrases with double meaning: funny -that will make you laugh-, love -that will make you reflect on feelings-, about life -that talk about people and time-, whatever they are all great phrases that do not leave anyone indifferent.Want to know the best phrases with double meaning for Whatsapp or to impress your acquaintances? Keep reading and do not miss the most complete list! … And if you have any more, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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Humor is based on surprising, that’s why phrases with double meaning can be fantastic for humor, resulting very funny. Shall we make a set? I’m sure you won’t finish reading this list of funny double entendre phrases without bursting out laughing.

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