Frases de un amor perdido

Frases de un amor perdido

Images to recover a lost love

When love ends, we feel like the world is coming down on us. It is very hard to end a relationship that has been important to you. When it’s all over, you torture yourself thinking who was to blame, what you did wrong and how did it come to this if you loved each other so much.

Nothing lasts forever, and it is necessary to accept it to be able to continue, not to stay in the past. Every change means a new beginning and if you see it that way you may be able to leave the pain behind more easily.

I would like to go back in time and go back to our happy moments, I would like to live forever in our most beautiful memories and forget all this sadness that does not let me live happily. I was happy with you, but today your memory only hurts me”.

When I think about everything that happened, about the things that in the end separated us, I wonder if it would have been possible for everything to end differently, with a happy ending… I will never know, but I will always remember you as a beautiful memory.

:: “I can’t stop remembering everything we lived together, feeling that now they are just memories that won’t come back hurts me much more. I wish we could give each other a chance, but I know that there is no going back and that what we have is a thing of the past. Farewell, may life be good to you”.

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Fighting for a lost love

It is normal that when you are with a partner you feel that life smiles at you, that everything is rosy, that the world is wonderful and more. A relationship brings with it many joys, experiences you never thought you would live, unforgettable moments and more. On the other hand, there have been situations in which one loves more than the other, which makes the other party take advantage of the situation and turn the relationship into a game.

We all know that this beautiful feeling called love, has the facility to take us to touch the sky as well as to destroy our hearts. While we feel that love lives in us we see life in a rosy color and everything is happiness but when love ends it is inevitable to feel sorry, distressed, as if the world fell on us. On this occasion we wanted to bring you some examples of sad love statuses for Whatsapp free, which you can share from this moment through a text message or making use of social networks.

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Phrases to recover a lost love

Losing a love is not an easy thing, especially when you have given everything in a relationship, that’s why the phrases for a lost love are used to describe exactly what it feels like when you lose a special person for you; so they can also serve as comfort for you to recover from the disappointment that the love breakup may have caused you, and try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

In these phrases for a lost love you will find many feelings within them, but what you should rescue are the positive things you learned from the relationship and how they can serve you to improve in the future with another person.

Phrases for a love that is no longer with you

But when the relationship breaks up and one of the two is still in love and willing not to kick the board is when you need a lot of intelligence to know how to approach your ex-partner and convince her that you should resume the relationship.

There may be many reasons that caused a breakup, perhaps some very justified and others not and if you consider that you can not lose the love of your life so easily, you’re in the right place because here you will find the best phrases to try to soften her heart and make her change her mind about the decision taken.

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Perhaps to win back a person who made you the cross in the love relationship you had will not be something easy, but you lose nothing with making the attempt so that once and for all you know what to expect with your ex-partner.

Routine is an expert in killing the illusion, the butterflies in the stomach and the excitement of meeting the person we love. No matter how much you love a person, seeing him or her every day makes you get used to him or her and not pay the same attention to him or her as before.

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