Frases de canciones para dedicar

Frases de canciones para dedicar

love diphthong

As for example in the case we bring today, if you are in love or want to tell someone how you feel, it is not always easy to find the right words. In that case a great help is undoubtedly the romantic songs. That’s why below we give you the best phrases of love songs.

But the help that these sentences can give you goes much further because not only serve in case of being in love with someone but also to give a surprise to a special friend or family member.

Now we come to the main question, which is undoubtedly how to use love song phrases. The truth is that we can propose different ways for you to choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

If you are a person who does not like to draw too much attention, but you want to have a nice detail with a person you love, the best thing to do is to put them on a piece of paper and give it in writing to the recipient.

On the other hand, if you want to be more involved in the surprise, you can give it to him in writing in front of him or even read it out loud so that he hears you say it. The impression you will have is much more positive and closer than if you give it to the person in question to read it.

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you used to me

Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence to meet you, maybe this was destiny, I want to fall asleep again in your chest and then your kisses will wake me up.

Do everything without mistakes, to see if I captivate you and look for the perfect excuse to let you know that I’m still alive and to make that call that proves that I still exist. The strategy is the least of it, I just want to hear your voice. La estrategia – Cali y el Dandee.

My heart beats to the rhythm of this feeling baby that I have for you I don’t even know how to explain to you the magnitude of what I feel, without you I don’t know how to live, I have a sincere heart.I carry you in my heart – Caibo y Nacho

I made you mine, mine, mine, mine only mine; every night, every day. Fate already knew that I’d have you here in front of me. Kiss me and I go crazy. You know how good it feels, destiny brought us together.Destiny – Greeicy y Nacho

I’ve remembered that I’m crazy about you, that the whole world fits in the phone, that there are no great distances for our love, that everything is perfect when I feel you so close even though you’re so far away.Kilometers – Sin Banderas

i’m worthless without your love

Who said rap couldn’t be romantic? These words by Rapsusklei lead us to reflect on what many of us think happens to us when we fall in love, that we love too much and that this can lead us to suffer:

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Words worthy of reflection are those of this lyrics by Andres Calamaro and is that sometimes we turn our life into a closed prison, when the reality is that we are perfectly free and that the limits are built by ourselves:

Great reflection of Helloween, we spend our lives surrounded by the typical question What do you want to be? What should you be? What do you want to achieve? But no one, absolutely no one will bother to ask you how you really want to be, if you want to be true to yourself or something else:

El canto del Loco brings us a lyric worthy of reflection, crying is usually ridiculed, the expression of our feelings must be stifled for the comfort of society and bravery has been distorted, but the reality is different, only the brave admit what they feel without hiding behind a disguise:

romantic songs

To start with our selection of the best love phrases with photos, we present you some of our favorite short love song phrases.Romantic phrases, love song phrases in English translated, phrases of heartbreak, love phrases from rap songs and even phrases of songs by Beret, one of the most admired singer-songwriters of the moment!

Here are some of our favorite love song phrases: love song phrases in English for those who want to express their feelings in the language of love. Moreover, these are love phrases in English translated so that everyone can be moved by them! English phrases for Tumblr, English phrases for Instagram, romantic English song phrases and even English phrases to tattoo, designed for lovers of ink. Do you dare with any of them?

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This song by Lorde not only talks about love, but also about the freedom you feel when you’re fine and you’re among friends. For this reason, this is not only one of the most beautiful phrases of love songs, but an ideal phrase to dedicate to a good friend.If you want to discover more Phrases for Friends and Friends, do not miss this article.

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