Frases de amor entre amigos

Frases de amor entre amigos

Love phrases of poets

In Frases de la Vida we have so far elaborated different compilations of love phrases (from romantic movies, especially for shy people, that reflect on eternal love, etc.), on the one hand, and friendship phrases, on the other. However, we want to clarify that these are two feelings that go hand in hand and that, mistakenly, we conceive separately more than we should. That is why, on this occasion, to honor the union that exists between both manifestations, we want to offer you a selection of love and friendship phrases that will surely comfort your soul.

When there is this simultaneity between love and friendship, the people involved in such a relationship can not only consider themselves lucky, but should be aware of their luck and work together to remain unwavering in the face of external difficulties. The love and friendship quotes below reflect on the blurred line between the two concepts. We are sure they will stir many feelings in you and make you think of people very special to you.

Benedetti love phrases

They are not boyfriend and girlfriend, they are not friends, they are in a middle point where the social relationship has become a circumstantial point where neither one nor the other but they are in love, circumstantial for different reasons, or one of the two has another romantic commitment with someone, or they simply do not want to formalize the relationship.

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I feel so happy by your side for two reasons, because I feel in love with you and because you are my best friend, without a doubt, it is the best sentimental mix that any person could ever come up with.

I am convinced every day that any couple, before loving each other, should be best friends, although formally we are not a couple, we share the feeling of love and that makes us remain in time”.

I am aware that you want to be my girlfriend, but don’t you think it is more beautiful this love that we live as friends, without labels that give us a serious commitment? This entails a truth and that is that I love you”.

Although it can be paradoxical and sometimes a little complex to manage a friendship in erotic love, it can be real and happens in many places in the world relationships like these, if this is your case, do not forget to give some nice letters to that person.

Romantic love phrases

Do you like to read friendship quotes and use them to dedicate to your best friends? Here are some of my favorite quotes about family that we choose.Friendship quotes of the week

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More in… Love quotesLife quotesPin “It is difficult to find good friends, and impossible to forget them. “Our friends are those people who are with us through thick and thin, are those who put themselves in our shoes if necessary, are our cheapest psychologists, share with us phrases with message with a smile and are always ready to support us in any nonsense that occurs to us. In life we should celebrate that kind of friends, those that we feel are our brothers and sisters, that we make part of our family and we don’t mind sharing the little or much we have with them. Very few friends in life get to transcend in such a way as to create that unbreakable bond, the one that will remain intact despite distance or other factors… Finding a best friend or several best friends who can be with us in every step of our lives is a blessing. Having quality friendships help us to feel more secure, to feel happier, this also helps us to have a balanced self-esteem…Friendship phrases

Famous phrases

A phrase of friendship “Un pienso en ti” Today we can show our friends how important they are in our lives. Today we could surprise them with nice phrases of congratulations, because it does not need to be Friend’s Day to show them our love.

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Friends should always be in our hearts, we should praise their friendship on a daily basis and we should especially celebrate “Friend’s Day” when it is celebrated in our country. In addition, the United Nations General Assembly resolved on April 27, 2011, to invite all member countries to celebrate International Friendship Day every July 30.

The center of the universe is the sun… the center of a friend’s heart is in my heart. It is a treasure chest, a treasure full of love, joy and flower petals… They are of many colors, pink, yellow, blue, and one of them is your friendship – Camila Gónzalez, -Chile

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