Canciones de desamor en español

Canciones de desamor en español

songs of heartbreak to cry

February 14th arrives, the happy Valentine’s Day. As if everything was romantic love in life, as if the malicious Valentine’s Day wasn’t really the cause and origin of so many anonymous bad times.

It is so commonplace that, in fact, we all know exactly what we are talking about. And those who think they don’t know and are safe, poor things, are unaware of the risk they are exposed to around the corner.

To celebrate this day in our own way we chose to move away from the romanticism that sees everything through a pink filter and choose a dozen songs of spite, heartbreak, pain in its various aspects. Anger, nostalgia, loneliness, resentment, contempt… all those consequences of the random and capricious arrows of love.

The Chilean artist is one of those who also anticipates disaster and prefers to abandon ship just before the iceberg hatches: «I’m not going to cry and say that I don’t deserve this, because I probably do. But I don’t want it, that’s why I’m leaving. Too bad but goodbye, I say goodbye to you and I’m leaving. Too bad but goodbye. I say goodbye to you because I know that something better awaits me, someone who knows how to give me love.»

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3. La mentira (Se te olvida)Better known as «Se te olvida», the bolero La mentira was composed by Álvaro Carrillo and has been covered by many international singers. The lover protests for the excuse of the breakup and, although he has elements to prevent it or to get even, he agrees to grant freedom: «For my part I return your promise to adore me / Don’t even feel sorry for leaving me / That this pact is not with God».

4. CarambaThis is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful songs by Venezuelan popular composer Otilio Galíndez. A deep lament, it oozes about the futures of a love that never was. «Caramba, mi amor, caramba / lo bello que hubiera sido / si tanto como te quise / así me hubieraieras querido.»

5. ¿Qué te pedí?Gabriel Luna de la Fuente and Fernando López Mulens gave the world this bolero that is, without a doubt, one of the best in history. It is the lover who claims to ungrateful love: «Pero qué te pedí / tu lo puedes al mundo decir / Que supieras que no hay en la vida otro amor / como mi amor» (But what did I ask of you / you can tell the world / That you knew that there is no other love in life / like my love).

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Have you ever felt that you are slowly losing someone? Well, this song is the perfect catharsis to put melody to that limit point in a relationship in which the distance becomes bigger and bigger and where there was warmth, there is nothing but snow.

Even though one tries hard and it’s worth believing the opposite, life often makes it clear to us: nothing lasts forever. And this song is an ode to that pain and loss. Is there anything else to say? Belinda’s voice and the melodic piano in the background are the perfect soundtrack to let the tears follow their course.

I think we all have a place and a moment that no matter how much time passes, it is difficult to make disappear, and when nostalgia clings to your chest and floods you like a hurricane with all its force, one tends to wonder and take refuge in the past and its cold embrace. This song not only takes us to Paris, but to the light of a day that will never return….

Was José José right, is love ending, is it a mistake? No, he sure didn’t say it, even the sun froze! No, I can’t believe it. I’d rather disappear… How do you let go of someone you love? Well, this song is a tailor-made melody in the rain with disbelief and pain. Because that’s what goodbyes are like, aren’t they?

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Jorge García …I have listened to the songs listed as sad, except for the two by Maná, but that’s as far as it goes, I can assure you that the song that makes me cry every time I listen to it is «Era en Abril» sung by Baglietto, it is beautiful but if you don’t get a tear in your eye, you are from Titanio.

Krystal Medina …My sad song that is my favorite is Llore y Te Supere that song reminds me of my ex boyfriend who broke up with me and left me for another but in the end as the song says I cried and got over you.

Canciones de desamor en español
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