Yamaha niken carnet b

Yamaha niken carnet b

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However, the creation of the A3 license will not affect all three-wheeled scooters. As you may know, three-wheeled scooters can currently be driven with a car license as long as they are approved as light quadricycles. This regulation will be maintained for vehicles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 500cc. Thereafter, all three-wheeled motorcycles can only be driven with the A3 license.

In the case of those drivers who hold an A or A2 motorcycle license, they will be exempted from the theoretical test, while they will have to take the maneuvering and circulation tests. On the other hand, users who only have the B car license will have to take the theory test and the two practical tests.

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However, many of them also encountered a barrier to entry, since, although at first glance it may seem simple, without previous experience and training it is not always easy to get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

This is logical, since you are much more exposed than in a car, the feeling of being unprotected is greater and the driving itself is more dangerous, due to issues such as the stability of the vehicle and the need to master maneuvers such as cornering.

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But undoubtedly, what gets all the attention is its double front wheel with inverted twin-tube forks. This system, called by Yamaha Leaning Multi-Wheel with Ackerman system and that as we mentioned before, had been used so far in smaller displacement motorcycles, makes the riding experience has another level, as it allows to ride with a security that few motorcycles offer.

The first thing you notice as soon as you get behind the wheel is its width, especially because of the covers that embrace the tank, but the riding position is really comfortable. Once you start riding you will be surprised again because, if you expect a slow or heavy steering bike, you are completely wrong, because the Niken is agile from the first moment. It is really surprising how well it handles corners and changes of direction, and coupled with the poise of the front, it seems at all times that you go on rails. Also striking is the security and confidence with which you enter the curve. No matter if the asphalt is broken or bumpy, the front suspension can handle everything and does not allow the bike to slip, which increases your confidence to continue leaning and looking for more of its limits.

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Tricycles.  The B license also allows driving vehicles homologated as tricycles, that is, three-wheel motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of more than 50cc. Therefore, the car license enables to drive them even though some of them exceed 125cc. And this makes it possible to drive motorcycles with more power, because the two wheels located on one of the axles -generally the front one- rotate symmetrically: they are less agile and heavier, but also more stable and faster, and generally more expensive. They have a system that keeps them upright on their own, and the rear brake is operated in a complementary way by a pedal, which complements the action that can be performed with the levers on the handlebars.

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The Formaster (Professional Association of Road Safety Training Companies) study shows, on the contrary, that only 9% of those involved in accidents with the same type of motorcycle but with a specific license are involved.

In addition, the drivers’ club proposes some basic advice for beginners, such as always wearing a helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing -with specific protection for motorcyclists-, practicing attentive, prudent and defensive driving (anticipating the intentions of other users) and looking often in the rear-view mirrors, especially in the city, where more users and unforeseen events surround motorcyclists.

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