Radares dgt google maps

Radares dgt google maps

11 google maps tricks

We will see the available routes. Click on the one that seems most appropriate for the time and difficulty of the route you are looking for. You are always in time to change route. As you can see, icons will appear on the displayed routes indicating accidents, works in progress or, what interests us, speed cameras.

Note that the DGT speed cameras will be shown on the map. But not in the indications shown when you click on Steps and more. Anyway, during the route, in navigation mode and in the preview, we will see the map in real time, and it will show us all the necessary indications, including speed cameras or accidents.

Another aspect that may interest you is the tolls and highways. If you go to the drop-down in the upper right corner and click on Route options, you can check “Avoid highways” and/or “Avoid tolls”. Two interesting options if you do not want to encounter these elements during your trip, short, medium or long distance.

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Speeding ticket radars

To ensure that all these movements are carried out safely and in compliance with traffic regulations, there are more than 1,300 radars distributed throughout the country’s road network. These are fixed, mobile and section radars used by the General Directorate of Traffic to control speeding.

If the icons have an orange color it means that we are in front of a fixed radar, while if the color is blue it is a mobile one. In addition, the co-driver can click on the icon of a speed camera to obtain more information, such as when its location was updated.

Google maps tricks

If you click on a radar you will see the information when it was notified and when it was updated. The more updated it is, the more reliable the information about its location and whether it is still active or not. Once in motion, the application does not allow the driver to consult this information, in order to avoid distractions at the wheel that could jeopardize safety.

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We have talked about fixed radars, but what about mobile radars? They generally appear in the application with a blue color and their location is usually less reliable than the fixed ones, precisely because their position is constantly changing and those who report them are usually the travelers themselves.

How much you can speed

Traffic openly informs about all the speed cameras (as long as they do not depend on the municipalities), although there are several applications that warn of the radars when we approach their location and allow the driver to tune the eye on the speedometer and raise the right foot to avoid the dreaded fine.

The fixed radars will appear in yellow and the mobile ones in blue, although the ones that appear in this preview are not all the ones that will appear on the road, unless you zoom in and explore the route. In any case, the location of the mobile radars is not exact, since it is not allowed to offer this information and the DGT only offers a kilometer section in which it may or may not be active.

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