Piaggio mp3 carnet b

Piaggio mp3 carnet b

piaggio mp3 500 second hand

It is undeniable that the motorcycle and its derivatives offer more advantages in everything related to urban mobility. Agility, parking, mobility in an increasingly dense traffic, avoiding traffic jams or lower emissions are the great assets that can also enjoy those who do not have a motorcycle license.

The validation with the B license was a boost for all those who wanted to approach the world of two wheels without going through the DGT. Since then the sector has developed numerous possibilities so that anyone interested can leave the car parked and go even beyond the 125 without taking the A2 or A license. Today we will review what are the main options to choose from.

Buying a 125 scooter to move around the city on a daily basis is clearly one of the options that most people, tired of losing or wasting time daily in parking and traffic, opt for. Logically this is where the bulk of the offer is, there is everything and at all prices.

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The first of the rules that a “tricycle” has to meet to be able to be driven with a car license is that the width of the front axle must be more than 460 mm. If it has less, even if it has two wheels in front, it will be considered a motorcycle and you will need the A or A2 to drive it.

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It is really easy to distinguish which models of tricycles can be driven with a car license, since in the case of Piaggio, the famous MP3 carry the LT badge. There are also the Mp3 Yourban and the Gilera Fuoco which, although they do not have the “LT” distinction in their name, can be driven with a car license. The same applies to the Peugeot Metropolis, the Yamaha Tricity and the Quadro 350D.

what are 3-wheel scooters called?

Three-wheeled scooters or triscooter were born as a daring and intermediate proposal for those users who wanted to enjoy the comfort and sensations of a scooter but at the same time they were also looking for a plus of security with respect to the two wheels. And in this sense the triscooter is perfect because it allows just the first thing but providing greater stability, especially when riding on pavements with poor grip.

All the triscooter that we present below have versions approved to be driven with a car license under the conditions provided by law, as they are classified as “quadricycles”. However, despite the fact that the safety they offer is exponentially greater than that of similar two-wheelers, they should be driven with caution and without treacherous confidence. They are powerful machines in which the driver, as in any other motorcycle, is exposed to the inclemencies of the weather and the vicissitudes of traffic, and which require a certain amount of experience.  Dealers will be happy to inform interested parties about the training and handling of these innovative means of transport.

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piaggio mp3 500

Starting with the aesthetics, its new front grille, LED turn signals or its more protective windshield stand out. In the case of the top model 500, the offer is divided to meet a wider range of customers: on the one hand, the Business version with an urban, practical and elegant approach, on the other, the Sport more dynamic mood, finished in matte black and more effective suspensions.

But, undoubtedly, the most pleasant surprise of the new range is the 350, which with 10 hp of power over the previous 300 has made a leap forward in terms of performance that will be highly valued by those who do not want or can opt for the 500. In fact, its acceleration is quite similar to that of its big brother, with a lower weight and agility that can also put the 500 in trouble on rough terrain, but not on fast roads.

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These new MP3 maintain the poise in curves provided by its two front wheels and its articulated quadrilateral suspension system together with the 13-inch wheels. The driving sensations are similar to those of a motorcycle, because it leans in the curves, but the safety offered by the double front support will convince without hesitation drivers less accustomed to driving a two-wheeled vehicle.

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