Volvo v40 cross country opinion

Volvo v40 cross country opinion

Volvo v40 cross country opinion en línea

volvo v40 how is it

Between 2012 and 2016 Volvo has marketed the new V40 Cross Country. It is a new model that is framed within the segment of premium compacts. We speak, therefore, of a rival of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class, among others. However, unlike these the V40 Cross Country is that it has more skills to drive on unpaved or slippery pavement.

Among other things because it has a bumper where the lower part of the plastic protectors appear in chrome and black that give it a greater appearance of SUV. In addition, Volvo has increased its ground clearance.

Continuing with this Volvo V40 Cross Coyntry 2012, should know that is developed on the global C platform, belonging to the Ford group. This is a structure that incorporates among other models the new Ford Focus. And how is it possible that the Volvo V40 is based on the structure of the Ford Focus, you ask.

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Well, the answer is simple. Volvo used to belong to the Ford group. That’s why they had a lot of synergies back in the day. Now, however, Volvo belongs to its parent company Geely, a Chinese company that acquired the Swedish brand for about 1.4 billion euros in 2010. Hence, there are still some Volvo models with Ford components. And this V40 is one of them.

performance volvo v40 cross country 2014

The 2.0 engine – as in the D3 and D4 – of the Volvo V40 Cross Country comes very well not only the reduction of consumption that, indeed, reaches beyond the homologation laboratories to the real world, but also because its displacement makes it, compared to a legion of competitors with larger displacement engines and, in some cases, even fewer cylinders, very willing: if you can boast is more power at low engine speed.

The interior of the Volvo V40 Cross Country wastes personality in abundance. And also a very successful ergonomics; visibility to the rear, not so much. Among the changes of the new V40, to highlight the new shades of the dashboard moldings.

The behavior of this crossover has not been modified and is still marked by a reasonable agility, although the comfort of pothole is not his forte with springs – 4 cm longer than those of a V40 asphalt – firm. It has a good engine for how it pushes, although not the best for performance: it spends more than others of similar power. This despite the fact that the change, epicyclic type and torque converter, aims to save developments or programming.

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volvo v40 cross country 2014 data sheet

The mechanical range consists of three diesel engines (D2 with 115 hp, D3 with 150 hp and D4 with 190 hp) and two gasoline (T4 190 hp and T5 245 hp). The ‘Start&Stop’ engine start-stop system is standard in all cases and the associated gearboxes are six-speed manuals, except for the gasoline engines, which are only eight-speed automatics and are coupled with all-wheel drive (the diesel engines are front-wheel drive). The D4 diesel can be an eight-speed automatic and the D2 and D3 can also be fitted with six-speed automatics. We have had a test unit equipped with the most powerful diesel mechanics D4 190 hp and automatic transmission.

The most powerful Volvo V40 Cross Country in diesel engine mounts a two-liter four-cylinder 190 hp. Its response is decisive from low revs, and comes with solvency in the area of 3,700 rpm, although by the generous 400 Nm of torque, available from 1,750 turns, it is not necessary to go up so much in normal driving. The gearbox of our test unit, an eight-speed automatic, does everything for us and does it well. It also saves fuel because it tries to select its highest ratios as soon as possible. This results in an average fuel consumption of 4.3 liters in the homologation cycle.

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