Castrol 10w40 moto 4t

Castrol 10w40 moto 4t

Castrol power 1 racing 2t

ELF synthesis technology oil “fuel economizer”, intended for lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans, especially of more modern technologies.

Lubricant for gearboxes and differentials (extreme pressure). Developed for gear transmissions of all types, especially formulated for transmission equipment with loads under severe conditions of use.

Extreme Pressure multigrade lubricant oil, recommended for use in vehicle differentials or in hypoid and helical transmission groups, as well as final drives of Voith railroad transmissions and manual gearboxes where an API GL-5 oil is required.

Castrol power 1 20w50

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Motul 10w40

The formulation of Castrol Power1 10w40 4T Semi-synthetic 4L motor oil is geared to make your motorcycle deliver its maximum power in a sustained manner even at high rpm, thus offering a significant advantage over other motorcycle engine oils. It also has the advantage of Castrol TrizoneTM Technology which ensures full protective performance.

All containers of Castrol Power1 10w40 4T Semi-Synthetic 4L should be stored under cover. If stored outdoors, the drums should be in an upright position to avoid possible water ingress and deterioration of the container. The products should not be stored at temperatures above 60º C, be exposed to strong sunlight or low temperatures.

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Castrol Power 1 4T, 10W40, 1L Castrol POWER1 Racing es el resultado de la amplia experiencia de Castrol en el mundo de las carreras.  El nuevo Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T con tecnología derivada de la competición ha demostrado que dura más y asegura la aceleración en la pista de carreras. No se espesa a altas temperaturas, manteniendo la viscosidad del aceite que garantiza el máximo rendimiento del motor. Se ha probado durante más de 40.000 km en duras condiciones de ensayo, manteniendo el 94% de la potencia máxima que el motor producía al inicio de la prueba, lo que garantiza un rendimiento óptimo sin sacrificar la protección del motor.

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