Publicidad – According to the French President to the end of the current term of the EP should be agreed reform of economic and monetary union, which will provide the stability of the euro area.

Today is very much in the hands of local government, because it there are estimated damage and the conclusions drawn just to money from the state budget to be able to hit you, “- stated the Prime Minister. The deputy head of Law and Justice was the guest of “Conversations unfinished” TV Trwam and Radio Maryja. He is referring, among others, to the question of veto announced by the President of NCR laws and the Supreme Court. Macierewicz pointed out that changes in the judiciary will be held regardless of the vagaries trudnosci.zobacz also announced the President veto the law on the Supreme Court and the National Court [LIVE COVERAGE] ‘ “proved to be extremely important. This issue, however, is absolutely crucial for the possibility of carrying out reforms and reconstruction of the Polish state. (…) No change in the justice system all the reforms that we carried out, may be challenged and turned to dust. it is worth to realize this “- said the head of the Defense Ministry. Macierewicz stressed that the challenged may also be carried out changes in social policy, which in his opinion, the foundation of the possibility of rebuilding the Polish state, as well as changes related to security of the nation. “They are challenged by the environment that were previously environments post-communist, and today call themselves opposition. They do not want to debate, reform, but the destruction of the government of Law and Justice.

They took away this day as a victory. It will therefore be much more difficult to carry out these changes, but I want to emphasize once again that the government does not stop at this road and will do anything to change in the justice system has been carried out, “- he said. Leading PiS politician said that the opponents of reform constantly attack and provoke the government. “Unprecedented pressure is a kind of hybrid of the war, based on misinformation and pressure having the nature of violence” – Macierewicz said. He stressed that the opponents of reform today believe that this pressure is effective, because thanks to it obtained a substantial concession and block transformations in Poland. “Let not so happy. We will do everything so that these changes have been implemented,” – he added. “They are trying to force the government and President farther-reaching changes.

We are dealing with a situation in which it was concluded that obtained a foothold and wants to go further – to question everything the Poles won the election in 2015″ – Macierewicz stressed. In his opinion, this operation is very broad and very important role in the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic environment, even questioning the existence of independent nation states. “Justice is the last bulwark of liberal and communist forces. This is their all hope. Thus, blocking all reforms can be extremely harmful to the Polish, even deadly to the reform process,” – said the Minister of Defense narodowej.zobacz also Gersdorf: Thank you believed that we do not defend themselves, only to the Constitution »in his opinion, it is an illusion to think that concessions in what is fundamental, related to the basic raison d’etat of Poland, the fundamental dimension of social justice will give the possibility of an amicable settlement. “I look at it from the perspective of almost 30 years after 1989, but also wider, decades of struggle for an independent Poland, which in my case dates back to 1966 – millennium of the baptism of Polish, great, great demonstrations, the presence of the entire Polish streets and squares of cities and towns. Poland came out then and showed his identity and blocked the further proceedings pay for research paper online of Soviet totalitarianism. I have no doubt that the concessions to evil, always end badly “- summed up Macierewicz.

Center study conducted Opinion Matters on behalf of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT), a charity set up by the UK Government in order to promote the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, celebrated every year on January 27th. The results of a survey involving more than 2,000 people were weighted in such a way as to be representative of all adult residents of the UK. Nearly half (45 percent.) Of respondents could not answer the question, how many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, and nearly one-fifth (19 percent.) Significantly underestimate the number to less than 2 million. Although the vast majority, more than 80 percent. questioned, he declared that the knowledge about the Holocaust is important, and that the past is impossible to draw conclusions also important from the standpoint of the present time. More than three-quarters (76 percent.) Was of the opinion that more should be done for the benefit of educating the public about the Holocaust. “The Holocaust has threatened civilization itself fundamentowi and has implications for all of us. So widespread ignorance and negationism are even shocking” – the head of assessed HMDT Olivia Marks-Woldman. “Given that the UK is increasing the number of hate crimes, and the world takes a lot of conflicts threatening genocide, our world may seem fragile and weak.

We can not remain passive” – ??she pointed out. Representative HMDT and fighting racism organization Hope Not Hate Joe Mulhall noted that with the passage of time will be less and less living eyewitnesses of the Holocaust and therefore “it is important to keep the memory of the Holocaust, especially among young people.” In discussing the survey, published by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, is also quoted Steven Frank, a Holocaust survivor, a total of three sent to concentration camps and one of only 93 surviving children of Theresienstadt camp, which results survey described as disturbing. “The only way to deal with this kind of negationism and anti-Semitism is the truth, so tell people what happened, what I saw and what I experienced. Education is important. I’m afraid that if we ignore the past, history repeats itself” – noted The end of June we will find common solutions with France – Merkel said at a press conference in Berlin. “I have no fear that we will not manage to create a strong package” – she added. As noted by dpa, reform plans Macron met “with caution and in some cases the opposition” on the part of German politicians. See also: Harsher words Merkel Nord Stream 2 proclaim that Germany will defend the interests of the countries of Eastern Europe »CSU does not accept the idea of ??a European finance minister and European unemployment – said Tuesday a group representing Alexander Dobrindt. As pointed out in its proposals Macron “realizes French interests.” According to the politician CSU is evident in the euro area budget demands and harmonization of taxation within the Community.

In turn, the weekend German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said that “not all suggestions (Macron) must be implemented.” Consent of Germany, the largest European economy, “would be valuable, if not indispensable” for the reforms proposed by the French president – also marks dpa.zobacz Merkel: Ukraine should remain a transit country for Russian gas “in the European Parliament Macron said that France is ready to increase its contribution to the future EU budget, provided that this will mean the reform and increase efficiency. He stressed that the EU needs to spring 2019. Deal with the problem of migration, reform of the euro zone and taxation of online businesses. According to the French President to the end of the current term of the EP should be agreed reform of economic and monetary union, which will provide the stability of the euro area. 48-year-old Adam W. Olsztynek is accused of trying to extort money during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on January 15 this year. During the fund-raising carried out in the framework of the XXV Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity man tried to raise money for one of the arteries of Olsztyn, al. Pilsudski.

According to the prosecution, Adam W. claiming to be a volunteer Auctions, intended to extort from the resident Olsztyn 20 zl. He failed to do it because one of the passers-by reacted. The man at the hearing on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to the alleged offense. He explained, inter alia, that it claimed to be a volunteer Auctions, and the money collected to help poor children and the homeless. The court heard five witnesses in the case, and the next hearing was set for 5 January. (PAP) by Agnieszka Libudzka editor: Carolina Wichowska About the book Kacper Poblockiego talked for some time.

The author is a researcher looking at the reputation of capitalism from a special perspective. Formally, this anthropologist, but scientific life he worked out so that at some point went to New York under the wing of the famous geographer David Harvey. About Harvey attentive reader of this column could have probably already heard, because his book was recently translated into Polish. Suffice to say that this is the contemporary writers who exerted the greatest influence on the ideology of urban movements. Claiming that it was there that takes place today the most important battle for the future of the world.

After returning to the Polish Poblocki too so inevitably involved in urban movements. He was co-author of the highly successful “Antybezradnika. The right to the city in action “(he wrote it together with Lech Mergler and Maciej Wudarskim), which was a kind of handbook for urban activists on the eve of the previous local elections. Poblocki in politics did not go. He returned to writing.

Casper Poblocki, “Capitalism. Story short duration, “Publisher Bec Change, Warsaw 2017 Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’s” Capitalism … “can be likened to a big cake. It looks impressive and delicious. However, I do not advise anyone trying to devour it in its entirety. This cake you need to enjoy piece by piece, revealing the way many non-obvious flavors. Rest, then apply a little more.

Go for a walk and again a little bit. Otherwise reading Poblockiego lose meaning and magic. Maybe even start to irritate. The specificity of this book is such, that is contained in it really very much. We have a story about a reorientation of the globalized world and shrinking the West.

What makes our Polish peripheral mediated becomes a distant location (gaining increasing importance of global know mainly via South West). It imposes a revolution urbanization (now 50 per cent. Of people on Earth live in cities). Poblocki then takes us on a journey through the roads and off-road capitalism. He writes about the financialisation about debt and neoliberal economic occult.

Still later go back to the tenth century and discover with horror (reportedly among historians is a long known) that the founder of the state Mieszko I built it on the slave trade. That was the meaning of his “unification” of the Polish lands. He caught slaves and sold them to the Orient. In return, getting silver. At the end we get back in the twenty-first century with its inequalities and the new phenomenon of feudalism. magazine 08/18/2017 Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna This span of many a reader might scare. Hence the advice to consume Poblockiego calmly and without haste. It will be for the benefit of all.

The reader will be able to calmly go to the non-linear path and full of curlicues that he has appointed the author. And the book does not hit on the shelf to read the sacred or never “on quietly, as will a little more time.” At the end there is one element worth shake. Price. Tall. Is the sum of PLN 94.99, which sometimes appears in the books of law (hoping to become offices), or some of the economic nature of niche publications. This book should not be a niche, because these are 94.99 risky experiment. A little help to hold a sum of the components: the margin bookstores and wholesalers (38 zl), printing costs and paper (21.11 zl), maintenance books in circulation (5.83 zl) and profit for the implementation of the statutory objectives of the Foundation publisher Bec Change (8 06 zl).

If someone had asked me this advise, that it is worth. Talks on Russia’s participation in the reconstruction of the Egyptian military facilities on the Mediterranean coast in the region of Sidi Barrani roll quite successfully. If the conditions of both sides will agree, is a database can begin work as early as 2,019 years – told the newspaper source in the circles related to foreign policy. According to him, Egypt is ready to agree to lease the base by Moscow if it would serve geopolitical tasks consistent with the interests of the Egyptian side. This source also claims that the base would be located “permanent military contingent of the Russian Federation, but the number of soldiers will be quite small at the initial stage” .With turn caller “Izvestia” in military circles estimated that Russia needs a base in the region of North Africa, in to carry out tasks under conditions of serious geopolitical instability regionu.Jak the newspaper, talks with Egypt refer to the air base; the Soviet Union until 1972 used the base in Sidi Barrani as a naval base.

Quoted by “Izvestia” historian Sergei Sieriegiczew said that in this period of observation operations base served the US Navy, the Soviet Union, however, due to financial reasons there has never maintained a large sil.Gazeta “RBK” reminds on Monday that the Ministry of Defense of Russia – as he said recently Deputy Minister Nikolai Pankow – consider the possibility of returning Russian soldiers to bases in Cuba and Vietnam. With the two Russian military bases left at the beginning of the last decade. “RBK” reminds that in Lourdes on Cuba in the years 1967-2001 acted electronic surveillance center, whose main task was eavesdropping facilities in the US. Justifying the resignation of these databases, the then Russian authorities relied on financial considerations and the need to divert resources to the fight against terrorism. Rental facility in Lourdes cost Russia $ 200 million rocznie.Z naval base at Cam Ranh Bay in southern Vietnam, the Soviet Union used free of charge since 1979. According to “RBK” base is actually used by the Russians – in 2013 Russia and Vietnam signed an agreement to create a common operating submarine base, and a year later an agreement on the rules of use of the base by the Russian ships in the simplified mode.

Since 2014 the base are supported by Russian planes, are oil tankers Air Ilyushin Il-78. “Most experts in the sphere of international politics and armaments is convinced that the return of Russian troops to Cuba and Vietnam will become a logical continuation of Russia’s foreign policy, the next step path of confrontation with the US and NATO countries “- writes” RBK “. The newspaper notes that, according to experts, “if in the case of a military base in Cuba main + objective + Moscow are the United States, is a return to Vietnam can be assessed as a signal to China” .As similar to “Izvestia”, is currently only used by the Russian airbase outside the borders of the former Soviet Union is Hmejmim (part of the military airports in Latakia) in Syria.


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