Grammar Slammer is an English grammar and spell check software built to help writers show up with intelligible write-ups and content.

It helps you understand grammar rules so you can avoid making the mistakes that are same the future. The program seeks to possess users learn the intricacies of this English language by providing answers to questions concerning the corrections the software makes.

Why should you choose Grammar Slammer?

  1. Cost-effective software. Grammar Slammer isn’t just great for users who want to deliver content that is error-free additionally it is friendly to their pockets. The different editions of the software are available at reasonable prices compared to the steep tags similar software have.
  2. Word integration. Word processors might be designed with grammar and spelling checkers but they are only basic rules. With Grammar Slammer, users of Microsoft Word can gain more conf >

Virtual Writing Tutor is an grammar that is english-as-a-second-language made for both students and language teachers, or bloggers, writers, as well as other professionals. This free grammar that is online is designed to provide learning opportunities for students during those times when teachers are not available.

For teachers, the clear answer reduces their workload by automating their proofreading or editing task along with the procedure for giving corrective feedback to their students to their assignments. With Virtual Writing Tutor, students can learn ESL independently and also by receiving consistent and extensive feedback; and teachers can assign more writing tasks with their students without worrying about checking the assignments of these students.

Why wouldn’t you choose Visual Writing Tutor?

  1. Less cliches, more power words. Cliches are the bane of English writers, and visual Tutor that is writing makes you don’t forget that, steering you against overused expressions to create your content more interesting. To push you in this direction, this program has incorporated a cliche and power word checker tool.
  2. Conversational English versus academic English. Physical ESL schools teach students to learn to differentiate between the use of conversational English and academic English. Visual Writing Tutor does the exact same by pointing out that words like “buy,” “eat,” or “wear” are best used in everyday talk, while more formalistic words and tone would be best suited to academic speak and compositions.
  3. Target structures. Teachers may require students to utilize particular prepositions, past tense verbs, transition words, or adverbs while they prepare their assignments or thesis papers. Making use of the target structure tool, students can check whether such words are found within their writing.
  4. Field-related vocabulary. Show the depth of one’s understanding of your field of interest by utilizing terms unique to your discipline. Visual Writing Tool will scan matches between words in your manuscript in addition to those contained in the 47 areas of research on Further, you can easily access readings that are field-related glossaries, and audios connected to every match it finds.
  5. Dodge the plagiarism bullet. In such a way that you are actually inviting premature career suicide without realizing it, Visual Writing Tool gives you a guardian angel in the form of a paraphrase tool, to help you work up your gray matter rephrasing and extracting the thought of a source without going too obvious about it if you picked up a bad habit of lifting off materials from original authors and are too lazy rewording them.

13. Microsoft Word

The industry-standard and world’s most word that is used software, Microsoft Word is the application of choice of educators, students, firstline workers, businesses, and enterprises. Aside from its much vaunted use that is institutional Microsoft Word is also built and designed for personal use, the de facto app to view, edit, create, and share beautiful documents.

Microsoft Word provides document editing and proofreading tools that enable users to customize their documents and work out them more beneficial. Because of its features that are collaborative co-authoring capabilities, focusing on documents is simplified. Coworkers, bosses, and clients can perhaps work regarding the document that is same and everybody may be updated when there will be changes designed to a document.

Why should you choose Microsoft Word?

  1. Industry-standard proofing tools. No matter the rush of new players on the go, Microsoft Word’s proofing tools remain the benchmark by which the new programs are measured against. For many years publishing and other media companies have relied on MS Word to polish grammar, spelling, or writing style by the click of a button on the options menu. Just ask any editor how things were before Track Changes paper writer appeared in the Microsoft Word toolbar
  2. Robust formatting tools. While you can find now more dedicated formatting programs, for a lot of others Microsoft Word’s formatting capabilities continue to be enough because of their needs that are daily. Those that are actually acquainted with its formatting tools would swear they might adjust paragraph alignment, change kerning, line spacing and font attributes, create bulleted and numbered lists, add headers and footers, and insert items in a document such as pictures or tables just as well while they could aided by the page design tools that are best in the market.
  3. Work directly with PDFs. You know you are in for the long haul for the rest of the day if you’ve ever been asked to change content in a PDF. Microsoft Word saves you from all the trouble by allowing you to edit elements like paragraphs, lists, and also tables. That does not end there: once you’re done, you can save your file that is working as Word or PDF document to your heart’s content.
  4. Real-time collaboration. What’s teamwork nowadays if two or more people could not access and work exactly the same file in the time that is same? The advent of high-speed internet made sure companies level up with regards to real-time collaboration, and Microsoft Word, seeing wisdom in all that, will never let itself fall behind.

Google Docs

Mention Microsoft Word these days and most Google that is likely Docs around in certain corner of your mind. And both ways are worked by it. Never mind that Google Docs is a purely web-based application, quite convenient in the event that you don’t gain access to a word processor that is desktop. The two programs have grown to be inseparable in so many ways it’s a thing that is good could move elements between the two applications sans hassles more often than not.

Why wouldn’t you choose Google Docs?

  1. Accessible solution. The occasions when you’ve got to hold around a disc that is floppy its modern counterpart, the ubiquitous USB if not a complete laptop, to allow sharing or any primitive sort of collaborative work is just about Stone Age nowadays. Google Docs’ solution, access-anywhere cloud storage, can be as compelling they managed otherwise in the past as it is highly convenient to the point some might even ask how.
  2. Collaborative editing. “Collaborative” might just be the Holy Grail of any human interaction these days, plus it proves well in the case of Google Docs. The program itself features its own built-in proofing tools—grammar or spell checker—but its true power is based on how it enables multiple users to polish off any document as needed. Comments and suggestions could be reviewed, rejected or accepted as necessary—in real time. If those are not enough, chat with any participant, also in real-time, for added dimension.
  3. Instant save. Desktop processors have probably made a few users save freaks for example reason or another. Google Docs saves you against contacting the mild psychosis, performing instant saves at regular intervals to ensure that you don’t suffer a heart attack next time you open your document and never visit your latest changes there.

Slick Write

Slick Write is a free online proofreading tool with nifty features to delight bloggers, writers, novelists, SEO professionals, and students. The application has a interface that is user-friendly making it simpler to proofreads a write-up or text. The tool will come in handy when you are creating a resume that demonstrates professionalism and excellent communication skills, leaving a beneficial impression on potential employers within the job market.

Why should you choose write that is slick?

  1. Word association to cure writer’s block. It’s the application that is only there that appears to recall the public enemy number one of writers and looked at coming up with a remedy: have artificial intelligence generate words into the context of real literature and turn on slacking neurons to connect with those previously unexplored regions where hidden plots, heroes and villains take abode.

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